Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Astrological Counseling & Consciousness Expansion: Hearing & Healing The Soul
When astrology meets psychology a wonderful thing happens: your true self is revealed. Under the guidance of Susan Balaban, a shamanic practitioner, intuitive, Feng Shui Master and astrologer, you will peel back obscuring layers to reveal your unique nature. As you break through barriers, exposing your wonderful qualities and gifts, your potential will be liberated. Using the position of the stars at the moment of your birth, Susan will shed light on your patterns, belief systems, talents, and purpose. This work will be like unearthing the treasure chest that holds all the hidden, hard to reach, misunderstood parts of yourself.

Start owning your reality and transforming it so that you can live an authentic life true to who you are and what you came here to experience. Begin the journey that will lead you to purpose, direction, unending inspiration and courage. Connect to your soul and your joy.

First session is one hour and includes natal chart reading: $300 (Birth information/deposit will need to be provided prior to visit)

Subsequent one hour sessions: $200

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Introducing Sandy Rousso, BSN, HN-BC

 Sandy is a holistic nurse who will be joining CHI-Medicine and partnering with Dr. Pastore to assist patients already engaged in the healing process. After establishing a safe, trusting, professional relationship with a patient, Sandy might incorporate Amma Therapy, Belief Counseling, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Guided Imagery, and/or Chakra Based Meditations to ...allow each patient to “feel well” emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Sessions are natural and non-invasive. They address a wide range of imbalances including those resulting in physical pain and inflammation, those affecting immune, circulatory and digestive systems, and those manifesting as relationship and emotional struggles. In short Sandy will help you unravel the effects of STRESS to return you to that place of well being.
Sessions with Sandy are 1.5 hours. Please call the office for more information or to book an appointmentSee More
Come Cleanse with Us!

Join the staff of CHI-Medicine for this first time ever group detox! Begins this Thursday, May 3rd. First come, first served!

Join us for a three day juice cleanse, followed by a 7 day liver detox program that will continue the detoxification safely at the cellular level. To support you through the cleanse Sue Noyes, Holistic Nutrition Counselor, will provide 3 counseling... sessions to prep your body and mind for cleansing, transition you to the liver detox, and, finally, equip you for re-entry into healthy long-term eating.
Choose between group or private detox.
If you are a patient of Dr. Pastore’s, a good portion of the detox may be submissable to insurance as medically supervised nutrition counseling.
OUR FIRST GROUP IS ALMOST FULL - Begins on Thursday, May 3rd. Availability is on a first come, first served basis.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Winter Reflections: Dr. Annalisa Pastore, M.D.

Winter Reflections: Dr. Annalisa Pastore, M.D.

During this winter season I encourage you to retreat into your inner selves to gain clarity on what it is you would like to manifest in the next season of your life.  Winter is for retreat and reflection to prepare for the next season...spring, which is for manifesting.  I know for myself and my family, I decided to follow the lead of my children this winter who wanted to under-schedule themselves, leaving more time for quiet.  Of course they were right about the needs of the spirit.

There are acts of kindness towards the self that we often instinctively choose during this time of year...warming comfort foods and drink, celebration with family and friends.  Allow yourselves such self-nourishment.  Choose to warm yourself in front of a fire or in a hot bath.  To keep ourselves from succumbing to the cold related illnesses of the season, it is important to fortify our kidney/adrenal energy.  The winter season is the season of the element of water and its associated meridians...kidney and urinary bladder.  These are two of the more important meridians...the kidney's jing or essence is the foundation of the yin and yang of all the body's organs, and the urinary bladder's course alongside the spinal cord allows it to reflect autonomic nervous system's control of all the organs of the body.  Water is an amazingly versatile element in its various forms, in its ability to reflect in its stillness, transmit subtle yet dispersing ripples in its stirring, and create powerful waves in its agitation.

We maintain balance in the kidney and bladder meridians when we are gentle with our selves and hopeful.

It is no coincidence that the longer nights of winter coincide with the time to be attentive to our kidney (adrenals) and bladder.  We should take the cues of the season to ensure plentiful and restorative sleep, going to sleep earlier and rising later (as is possible).

For additional more specific information on nutritional supplementation and herbs most appropriate during this time of year, you may speak with Dr. Pastore, M.D. and/or Diane Rooney, M.S., L.AC., DIPlL. OM., L.M.T., Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs.  Sue Noyes, HHC also has many suggestions for appropriate nourishing foods. 

CHI Kitchen

Millet is a wonderful gluten-free grain, which has a high protein profile in comparison to other grains. It is said to strengthen the kidneys, is beneficial to the stomach and spleen-pancreas, builds “yin” fluids, moistens dryness, and is alkalizing, balancing over-acid conditions. This delicious breakfast cereal idea will start your day off right on cold winter mornings.

Warm Breakfast Millet

1 cup millet, rinsed
2 or 2 ½ cups organic almond milk (or water)
1 teaspoon cinnamon
¼ teaspoon nutmeg
1 tablespoon vanilla extract (alcohol free)
A few grains of sea salt

1 teaspoon of pure maple syrup, drizzled, or stevia to taste
Sprinkle with 1 tbs. ground flaxseed, or nuts of choice
Seasonal fruit

Combine millet, almond milk, and seasonings in saucepan. Bring to gentle boil, stir and reduce heat to a simmer. Cover and simmer for about 25 - 30 minutes. It is done when it is light and fluffy, and the liquid is absorbed. Serve with toppings. Makes 2-4 servings depending on appetite.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Getting in the Flow: Winter = Water

---Sue Noyes, HHC
Have you ever peeked at the last chapter of a book first? That is what we are doing by starting with winter --- the end of all the seasons. Winter is associated with “Water,” the element of tranquility and flow. The element of water also most significantly corresponds to the kidneys, and the accompanying adrenal glands, which represent the root energy of all the organs.

Living “Elemental”: Water

To keep your kidneys healthy, it is important to keep them warm and well hydrated. When you are outside in the cold weather, make sure you are keeping your lower back warm. Longer jackets and coats work well, along with an under-layer that tucks into your pants.

Keep well hydrated by liberally drinking warm teas, especially those with ginger or cinnamon. One way to check on your hydration level is to sip hot water throughout the day; if you are still thirsty by evening, you may have been dehydrated.

Winter is an especially good time to practice fluid exercises like Tai Chi, qigong, and yoga. These practices keep the body flexible, improve circulation, and calm the mind.

Think of a tranquil pool of water. Winter is a time to be still and reflect on your goals and desires for the year ahead. If you have been journaling, reading back through your entries gives perspective. You may realize how far you have come, and also discover your “sticking points” --- issues that still need work. This insight will help you make more targeted plans for the days ahead.

It has been said that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Taking a few minutes at the start of each day to read an inspirational book, pray, or meditate will nurture your spirit. This will bear fruit in how you approach the day ahead. Another way to get more in touch with our spiritual nature is to pay more attention to our dreams --- the flow of our unconscious thoughts. You may want to try keeping a notebook and pen by your bedside, and upon awaking, immediately write down any recollections of your dreams or first thoughts.

CHI Kitchen

Your body will appreciate warm, grounding foods in the winter, such as hearty soups, stews, whole grains, and nuts. Here is a winter soup recipe to brighten your day.

Winter Warm-Up Soup
1  cup yellow split peas, rinsed well
2  quarts filtered water
1  5”piece of kombu, rinsed well
1  small onion, chopped
2  carrots, sliced
1  cup winter squash, cut in small chunks
½ cup chopped parsley
¼ teaspoon sea salt
Miso to taste

Put split peas, water, and kombu in a pot. Heat until just before a boil, then reduce heat and simmer for 30 minutes. Add the onion, carrots, squash, and salt. Continue to simmer until all vegetables are tender. Dilute the miso with a little stock, and simmer for 5 more minutes. Remove kombu if desired. Use the soup as is, or puree in blender for smooth texture. Top with parsley before serving. Serves 8.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Harmony: 5 Elements for 5 Seasons

Eating “seasonally” has been trending in popular culture nowadays, and it intuitively resonates with most of us. Traditional Chinese medical philosophy echoes this simple truth: the seasons have a profound cyclical effect on our well-being. The Chinese 5 Element system expands this concept as a way of understanding more completely how natural changes in the outside environment and within the body can affect wellness. At CHI-Medicine, Dr. Pastore incorporates these ancient principles in her holistic approach to patient care.

Our 2012 blog will delve into each of the 5 Elements --- Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal --- and their corresponding season, to bring these principles out of the theoretical realm into everyday life. What you will find in our blog each month is practical tools and simple explanations of how to apply seasonally the 5 elements to keep our bodies in harmony.

So, have fun --- go “Elemental”!