Thursday, January 5, 2012

Harmony: 5 Elements for 5 Seasons

Eating “seasonally” has been trending in popular culture nowadays, and it intuitively resonates with most of us. Traditional Chinese medical philosophy echoes this simple truth: the seasons have a profound cyclical effect on our well-being. The Chinese 5 Element system expands this concept as a way of understanding more completely how natural changes in the outside environment and within the body can affect wellness. At CHI-Medicine, Dr. Pastore incorporates these ancient principles in her holistic approach to patient care.

Our 2012 blog will delve into each of the 5 Elements --- Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal --- and their corresponding season, to bring these principles out of the theoretical realm into everyday life. What you will find in our blog each month is practical tools and simple explanations of how to apply seasonally the 5 elements to keep our bodies in harmony.

So, have fun --- go “Elemental”!

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